Adoption Process

To begin the adoption process, we require an interview (we may use GoogleEarth for homechecks).  If you own your home, we will check property records to verify. If you rent, we call your landlord to make sure you have their approval to adopt a pet. We expect our animals to become part of your family!
Adoption Applications are good for 6 months if none of your information has changed.
All applications take approximately 24-48 hours to process.

Adoption Fees*

Adoption Fees for Dogs:
Puppies (under 1 year) = Starting at $300
Dogs (1-8 years) = Starting at $200
Hypoallergenic = Starting at $300
Senior Dogs (over 8 years old) and special needs = $75
Adoption Fees for Cats:
Kittens/Cats = Starting at $100
Specialty Cats = $150 (Russian Blue, Persian, Siamese, etc.)
Seasoned Cats (10 years or older) = $50
*Adoption fees include all age-appropriate vaccinations to date, spay/neuter, deworming and microchip.